Direct Access Services

Height Safety Supervision
With the high levels of awareness of the dangers and difficulties of working at heights within industry, Direct Access Services offers highly experienced and qualified personnel to:

  • assess work sites
  • formulate access plans (including JSA's and work method statements)
  • provide specialist equipment
  • set up the workplace for safe access
  • supervise safe work in these environments
  • optimise workplace efficiencies by combining access methods

Complete packages or components of access packages can be provided. Direct Access Service personnel have considerable experience in negotiating and implementing safe work practises within the current industrial framework and environment.

Direct Access Services have provided inspection and height safety consulting services to a number of engineering companies including:

  • Arup
  • GHD
  • Maunsell
  • Meinhardts
  • Hyder Consulting

Contact us for further information, queries or advice.

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